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GAH! So busy!

Thinks have been absolutely insanely crazy since I last posted. I've written a bit on my blog greenprairiegirl.blogspot.com but even that has fallen aside as I've been too busy living my life to write about it lol!

So what's new.... got through my crazy two weeks of working all three jobs insane amounts, and I did such a great job at Dani's step down that the new Mr and Miss Gay actually asked me to be their stepdown/show coordinator for next year! However, with the Taboo Naughty but Nice Sex Show the weekend before, then working all week to get ready for Briarpatch's May Day event and StepDown, the StepDown on Friday/Saturday and May Day on Sunday, by May 3rd I pretty much curled up on my couch catatonic.

The relationship that I was in ended quite mutually that week. It just wasn't going anywhere, and both of us knew it. We're still friends and agreed that a booty call once in a while is completely acceptable lol.

Anyway, I should get back to work my deadline for my next BP issue is Friday and I'm taking Thursday and Friday off to play with a cute girl, so back to work I go!


Can life possibly be any sweeter than it is in this moment? I'm sitting in my office, the window is open, the birds are singing, I've got John Mayer acoustic playing, my shoes and socks are off. I'm having dinner with my wonderful new lover tonight, my limbs are still feelings yesterday's yoga.
I have money in the bank, two wonderful cats at home, a BEAUTIFUL little house that nurtures my soul, fresh organic fruit beside me, the best friends a girl could ask for and I'm going to see my parents and sister this weekend.





Alright, so what's been going on in my life. I've been spending a lot of time thinking about food lately. The Jan/Feb issue of bp was about Food Politics and I read it cover to cover and it got me thinking. I'm really liking the move of the activist community away from "you have to be vegan or you're not eating ethically" to a place of eating mindfully, accepting that it's not all or nothing, that any positive change is worthwhile. I'm also getting to a good place with my eating habits.
I fully acknowledge that I'm a food addict. But I'm feeling a lot of healing taking place in myself in that regard lately. And now that I'm walking to work and not eating out as much it's already starting to reverse itself. I've also cut back on my smoking. not due to any kind of moral objection to weed just because I know i have to be careful with my lungs, they're not really strong.
Ack, anyway, I'm at Dani's hanging out with Jenna. Dani's on a date.... it's kind of cute :) Going to see the girlfriend tomorrow night for the first time since my birthday last Friday, so I'm excited about that. Heading home for tonight, gonna hit the sack and come back here for breakfast in the morning. Yay!

Love yas.

Beauty all around

Dear lord my life is beautiful right now... two great jobs, I'm working as www.briarpatchmagazine.com 's and www.sasquatchnews.com 's advertising rep. I have amazing friends. A great family. Amazing cats. A beautiful house. And it's spring. Does it get better than this?

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey everyone, sorry I've been absent for so long, too busy living and loving my life to stop and record it lol. So, what's new. I have a great new girlfriend, I'm going back to work, just as soon as I can find a damn job, my family and friends are amazing, life is pretty much beautiful.
Couple of highlights, my valentine's day present was a bath for two in a jacuzzi tub filled with rose petals, a shared glass of sparking cider and being fed chocolate fudge cheesecake. I'm in Saskatoon this weekend with my friend Cheyanne, staying with my sister, who just finished dying my hair, hopefully it looks good, just waiting for it to set. And then I'm going to get dressed up, head out to Diva's and dance my face off with Dani and my other friends.
Hope everyone is great and not too bitter this valentine's day

Productive morning

So it's like 11 am, so far today I've applied for like 15 jobs, already gotten a call back about one, made three loaves of banana bread, one for Jenn/Dani/Chloe/Kennedy, one for us, and one for Tara, if she wants it, otherwise it's over to the Halvorson house as well, I've also burned Dani's CD for the AIDs Benefit. Now, I have to do some laundry, call back the woman about the job, take a bath and a nap and be ready to go over to Dani's tonight to make AIDs stats posters and then her me and Kennedy are gonna decorate the Christmas tree.
I'm having a great day.

Saturday Night!

Hmm, it's been an interesting weekend so far. Got far far far to obliterated on fun brownies last night, had a freaking great time, but spent more money than I intended. Tonight, Cruise Control then the club. Chloe will be here to get me in like 30 minutes so I should really be getting ready, which I will be. Soon... I don't know what I'm wearing, so clearly sitting here and blogging is more productive than getting up to make a decision...
Dani just stopped by on her way to the club, looking hotter than anyone I'm not sleeping with anymore should be allowed to look. We bought a suit for her last weekend, she looks unbelievable in it!!!
Anyway, hope everyone is wonderful!

Loving Life

Not much to say. I've had a really fantastic couple of days. I've been spending a lot of time at Jenn and Dani's (well, ok, it's Chloe place too but she wasn't there this weekend). I even took a shower there tonight, LOL. Made an AMAZING yellow curry soup tonight, lots of root veggies in it, lots of ginger, it was yummy.
Then, since tomorrow is a day off, Lyndon and Christine had to work, so Dani and I went next door and hung out while the kids slept. We watched The Notebook which somehow I'd never seen. Saddest. Movie. Ever. I cried, like a baby.
I think tomorrow though I'm going to give myself some me time. I've been spending a lot of time out of the house the last few days and I think I day to just relax, be alone, maybe read could be really therapeutic. Plus is sounds like barb might be coming to town this weekend, so it'll be a busy one.
Ok, ally out!


I've been very much a homebody the last week or so, I can't decide if I like it or not. It's very unusual for me to spend a full day at home and not really notice or mind, but that's what I've been doing the last few days. I went out yesterday only to buy groceries with Chloe at around 8:30 and today only to grab some last minute things for dinner (garlic bread should always be made with white flour. I couldn't get behind the whole wheat stuff I bought). I'd planned on going out tonight, and I want to, because DJ Classe is spinning at the club and he's phenomenal, but part of me just wants to stay home and read or watch TV. We don't have cable, but god help me if we did LOL. I guess I'm just finally settling down after the last year, it's basically been non-stop go go go. I'm sure if Caroline could read this she'd be all like "but she never wanted to stay home when we were together. That's all I wanted. See, we COULD have been together" hahahahahaha, NO! I like that I get to chose to stay home, that I'm not being forced too. And I like being at home ALONE not having someone talking at me all the time about how terrible they feel, and then ragging on what a terrible person I am if I want some alone time.
It would be nice to have a girlfriend though. I'm not getting too worked up about it though, I'm kind of enjoying being single. It's pretty much only the physical stuff I miss, not even just the sex, but the hugs and having someone to sleep next to and cuddle with on the couch. And my girlfriends can fill that need for me, so really, what am I complaining about. I think the reason I hate being single has more to do with a fear that I'm ALWAYS going to be single than me being uphappy that I'm single now, if that makes sense.
I just feel like I've changed so much in the last month or so, I don't know if this is really me, or if I'm just going crazy now that I'm off my meds... ok, that's probably not it. more likely I'm just finally myself again and I don't know how to handle this newer complicated me becuase the meds kept me so sedated.
Alright, it's 7:40. I'm going to go start thinking about getting dressed and going out. It's Glenda's birthday tonight, gotta celebrate!


So much has happened in the world, and so little in my actual life since I last posted. GO Obama!!!! I literally cried as I listened to his acceptance speech. He's such an inspiration.
As for my life, I've finally dusted off the old resume and started to work on it, I've been really ill so I haven't been out applying for jobs but now that Im feeling better, it's time.
My weekend ended up being far more awesome than I anticipated. After I posted on Halloween Jenn called me and came to pick me up. We went for Taco's, then got slurpee's and I went back to Dani's house with her (even though Jenn and Chloe live there, it'll always be Dani's house) and we fell asleep on the couch until D got home at around 3 am, chatted with her for a bit, then went to bed. Woke up before Jenn, went upstairs, hung out with D for a bit, then since Jenn was sick we went on a mission to get her coffee, medicine and the stuff for soup, and then went back to D's and I made her soup and tea.
And got sick in the process.... awesome! lol. oh well, jenn and I also took a quick trip to S'toon on Sunday to drop her psuedo boyfriend off, and I got E. E. Burrito out of the deal. Sweetness.



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